KAT'S Calendar 2023
Let's enjoy this year together...;)

VAT 10% is included.
Excited to present you my self-made long-awaited Calendar 2023, which you guys succeeded to convince me to create! Despite the lack of time and hard period I couldn't leave you disappointed and did my best to satisfy you this year too...

So, I'm ready to enter the new year with you in thin and soft pastel lingerie and stockings which feels so pleasant to my porcelain skin... The other month I'm representing myself in tight black catsuit (despite that the zippers are not really making their job ^^), March will greet you with a picture of me in tight silver bodysuit worn on my bare skin repeating every curve of my body and sheer grey tights...and of course considering that April is a special month - a month of my Birthday, I will surprise you with an unique image of me in black stockings and...completely transparent lingerie...;)
I guess there's no point to reveal you the rest of the year, I know how much you love to be intrigued and I'm ready to give it to you...

So are you ready to let this playful cat into your cozy home to spend the whole year with you? She would definitely like it and reward you as you deserve! ;)

Calendar contains special bonuses:

  • A Postcard via e-mail containing my special amateur set and a wishes to you in honor of an upcoming new year ;)
  • A3 size high-quality Calendar
  • access to personal contact
  • SIGNED with personal dedication and packed personally by me ;)

Happy holidays and see you soon ;)
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