Katerina Soria

Hosiery oriented glamour model, social media influencer and a photographer creating most of her photoshootings by herself. Born in Kyiv (Ukraine), currently living in Vienna (Austria)/Bratislava(Slovakia).
Even as a child I was already experimenting with my own ideas of style and how I could express myself through fashion and elegant looks. I loved to take pictures
of myself and to try and see myself from another perspective.

With time, I was able to find my perfect style, which perfectly blends elements of different fashion trends and techniques combined with touch of seduction, all while keeping my classy aesthetic at the forefront. Of course hosiery was always my favorite attribute!;)
Stay classy
In less than 2 years I got into social media modeling,I got a large following base of committed people and connoiseurs of feminine beauty all over the world.
For all general inquiries, collaboration offers, questions or information - please don't hesitate to contact me here :)
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