The most delicious Meal you`ve ever tasted...
Sweet and Sour
ArtBook "Sweet and Sour" - DIGITAL ONLY
(Exclusive ~85$)
ISBN: 978-2-4457-9287-0

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Finally the moment has arrived...
...The moment when my bravest, juiciest, most extravagant and diverse culinary creation is finally served!

So, what awaits you? Starting from gazing at me in daring black lingerie,the garters are connected from my bra to my stockings and front-open black thong giving you a sight of my hidden, undiscovered spices
to a photoshoot in the guise of a seductive Asian princess tasting her sushi,forgetting about modesty in such poses which will surely arouse an animalistic appetite...
For those who crave natural juices, there's something special too - me wearing see-through orange lingerie, squeezing a juicy mandarin over my body, letting that sweet nectar to drip on my white tender skin…
Finally for those,who love the taste of naturally beautiful, fresh and exotic fruits…you will get a unique chance to see me without any lingerie worn, which will stimulate all your taste receptors to the maximum.
Of course, that's just a few spoilers from the whole collection of secret, new, enchanting, and exclusive shots that will delicately tantalize your appetite…
Furthermore, for the first time in this book, I share stories about my experiences, liberation from prejudices, and awkward situations, which reveal me more as a girl,as a female - childish yet wise, shy yet ready for new experiments.

So, my dear, are you ready to satisfy your hunger? ;)

Exclusive version contains:

  • The New-leveled unrestricted sensual photos of me you won't find anywhere else (not in the "Basic" version as well)
  • Highest resolution
  • Unrevealed stories about my experiences
  • Access to personal contact
  • unique emails from time to time
  • and of unique secret ingredients which can delight any of your preferences ;)

See you soon ;)
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