The Muse
Join me along the journey of your own now, as I take you on an exploration of personal discoveries and experiments, with some added benefits for your eyes only. Perhaps you will find your own inspiration inside, be it from my words, a small story you can relate to perhaps, or from my seductive imaginery as I display my own form of art. Allow this body of work to fuel your own passions, whatever they may be, and by the end of our journey, you may find that you have discovered a new source of inspiration, a muse...

Katerina Soria, "The Muse"

ArtBook "The Muse" - PAPER VERSION (Limited edition ~85$)

VAT tax 10% is included.
Finally I'm ready to introduce you my second long-awaited project - my new extraordinary photobook... This time I put all my best and even more to create something outstanding and show you all the spectrum of me, and what you are about to discover in this book is for sure going to upgrade your mood, emotions and senses to another level at this cold season.

What's waiting for you there? Well, a lot... (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵) Besides the remarkable journey through my own life experiences and senses, personal thoughts, dreams and secrets which I passionately picked to share with you by essays, there's gonna be dozens of unique photos, in which I will prove you, how confident I'm feeling being your beloved Muse...

Turn the page sooner and don't lose your temper seeing me in transparent coat and stockings getting wet under the Bali rain or staying with you in the hotel room wearing handcuffs, luxury bandage lingerie, shiny tights and high heels. And if you are brave enough, at the end I will even give you an opportunity to take a warm flower bath on the sunny island with me. And maybe you will even sit a few minutes after it in front of me drinking milkshake in white extra sheer lingerie and trying to cool myself down in such hot day? Can you decide what image inspires you most? I don`t know for sure, but I bet, it will be each of them. So those and many other exclusive photoshoots are waiting to be discovered by you... If you dare, of course :)

And the last thing I have to mention before I let you in this temple of inspiration, that a lot of transparency is waiting for you during this unforgettable journey... In every meaning, my dear ❤️

Paper version contains:

  • 15 photoshoots with my most sensual photos ever you won't find anywhere else
  • Signed by me
  • Unique postcard with my picture
  • Personal dedication with my kiss ;)
  • QR Code leading to my special video gratitude
  • High quality hardback
  • unique emails from time to time;)

See you soon ;)
ArtBook "The Muse" - DIGITAL VERSION
(Exclusive ~85$/ Basic ~55$)

VAT tax 10% is included.
Exclusive version contains:

  • The most sensual photos you won't find anywhere else (not in the "Basic" version as well)
  • Highest resolution
  • QR Code leading to my special video gratitude
  • Additional sensual photoshoot (extra set for digital version only;)
  • Access to personal contact
  • unique emails from time to time;)

Basic version contains:

  • Fine collection of sensual high quality photos
  • QR code leading to my special video gratitude
  • Additional sensual photoshoot (extra set for digital version only;)
  • unique emails from time to time

See you soon ;)
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